Most memorable experience

One of my most memorable learning experiences of this photo semester would have to be no other than the legendary New York City Trip. This was an unforgettable time spent with some of my greatest friends.  We all helped each other through out the whole trip with our cameras, ideas for shots, and exploring the city. This was a different experience than we were used to and we really discovered so much more being outside of Yarmouth. It was great to be able to photograph a diversity of scenery and learn about the different cultures. This trip impacted my learning by teaching me that when I have the chance to take a picture, take it. It has taught me not to think too hard about how good the picture will turn out, because it could turn out to be my favorite. New York City was a perfect place to take opportunities and use the city to our advantage.

Bi- Weekly I am most proud of

It was hard to pick a certain bi-weekly to be my favorite. I was stuck between Serenity and Nature, Creative Portraits, and Animals. I thought about lighting, posing, and creative angles and decided the bi weekly to fit this best would be my free choice, animals. In my animals bi weekly, I took them around 5:00 where I think the lighting is best for pictures. It was a bright clear day with lots of green around. I got up close and personal to the animals to achieve a focus point that many may not see. It was very entertaining capturing the animals and deciding how exactly I can get a shot without it being blurry. I also had a large variety of animals to take pictures of so it wasn't all the same.

Free Choice- Animals

Dirty Paws 
Out of all, you are my favorite.  There for me when I don't even ask I don't need to explain myself because you already know  you know my sadness from happiness  my nervous from my frustrated  but somehow you have the cure for all of it.  From being my warmth to re lighten my heart,  to a part of scenery I see out the window  you're everywhere I go and I couldn't live without.  this world would go mad.  Prints in the yard and on the floor make me remember you  make me remember that there is still balance, keeping me calm and collected, with your beautiful dirty paws. 

Preserving Land- Power of Photography, Photographs & Video presentation


Creative Portraits

Lived By The Sea 
Her fingertips and toes became white, numb by the ocean on the dock. The dock's pushed by mighty waves, pounding on either side, with echoes  and reverberations traveling through wood.  Sliding her fingers into the crevasses of splintered panels,  and holding on as she's thrown like a doll. Her skinny legs wobble like baby deer as she tries to ground herself.   Peeking through each crack, she stands before her weakness now, splashes come through the dock, hands trying to catch hold of her  to pull her down and sink.  The ocean stirs her heart, mind and soul.  But she will do anything to see colors of warmth, overtake cold blue.  she waited daringly to watch the sky break like an egg into full sunset,  to watch the water catch fire.  She stands before her weakness  and sees the beauty of warm, the sunset makes her heart, mind and soul,  dream.  

Black & White Photography, progress sand learning over time

As I look at my mood photographs, and my New York photographs, I can see a progression that I wasn't aware of when I was first developing them. In the beginning when I was taking mood photos, I had gone through three film cameras because they had not worked properly and it was a huge time wasted. When I finally did get a camera that worked, I took my photos and had a great variety that I feel had expressed moods greatly. When developing, a lot of them were very gray and didn't have as much contrast as I wanted. I knew that what I had to do was plan out my photos and look for a good contrast. I also knew I had to take my time and bracket my pictures so I would have three of the same  picture to choose from in case one was over exposed, underexposed, gray, or anything else.
      When going to New York, I wasn't originally planning on taking any film pictures at all because it was not one of my strengths. I thought I would just be wasting my time if I did and I thought all …