Idea for The Power of Photography Project

Conserving land: Saving land, and nature. 

Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a large scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Forests still cover about 30 percent of the world’s land area, but forests half the size of England are being lost each year. Farmers cut forests to provide more room for planting crops or grazing livestock, sometime burning and harming habitats. But Chuck Varney went about his farming in all the right ways. Varney is a local on Chebeague Island, saved land on the island which is now called "Second Wind Farm" which would have been used as ____________. He uses the most organic methods to make his garden grow and keep soil in top shape. From seaweed he collects off the beach, to manure, his farm is very healthy and great for the environment. some of his piles of seaweeds stay there for years, only becoming better and better. 
  One of the most dramatic impacts of deforestation is a loss of habitat for millions of specie…


This Girl Can
face  eyes  body  mind.  So young.  Little girl, you will grow up to be a women with big dreams.  Beautiful girl, you can do difficult things,  don't let them tell you you can't.  You girl,  This girl can.  nails hair  muscles  bones So strong.  Little girl,  you will grow up and see the dark sides of this world,  but you will look them straight in the eye, and give them a wink.  You girl,  This girl can.  passion personality  talents and thoughts So free.  To be who want to be,  to do what you want to do  no limits of how far you go, once you've felt you've crossed the finish line  keep going further.  absorb the shouts and screams of the ones who root you on Deflect the ones who break you down,  because strong women are the ones who bring each other up.  You girl,  stronger than you think,  smarter than you know,  and more free than what you have seen.  Do not lose grips of your fantasies and thoughts you have now,  don't let the world give you a r…


Secrets of the Swing 
The lonely boy sits on his swing  in the golden sunshine of winter.  Gloveless,  no hat,  his cheeks are rosy  and it pains him to hang onto the rope.  He swings higher and higher  pumping his legs harder and harder.  he smiles and the blue tint of snow reflects into his eyes the orange of sunshine brings warmth into him  through his auburn hair.  He knows he should go inside but he would feel alone  he likes the company of his swing that makes him feel so free and makes him feel  like he's  not alone.  The swing whispers secrets to him as he places his ear on the rope  the sounds reverberate from the creaking tree with every swing,  back and forth.  Back and forth.  Wooden seat provides him support  that he would never get  off of the swing.  He is not a lonely boy anymore,  he has found his warmth even through this crisp air  even through the sheet of ice covering the ground  through the February days he has found what fills his heart. 


The Evening in January 
Stepping lightly onto the wet sand  I sink into the cold January clutches  It grabs me and makes me stay to look and search,  but only release,   once I know I've found what I'm looking for. It will not let me go until I have learned why it latches me,  why it lures me and stifles me with chilling January air.  I hunker over with rattling hands and knees as I trot along the beach   I become impatient, my eyes scan faster.  January wants me to breathe and stay still because what I'm looking for could be right in front of me.  the cold is drying my skin, cracking it to a pasty white  and I feel like falling down.  I squat close to the ground,  and hear the ocean whisper...  it's the small things,  that bring the biggest picture.  I lean closer to hear the roaring words  right there in the sun rays of the January evening  on top of the wet sand and between twisted seaweed,  I have found my big picture from the smallest thing, of which is a shell.  …

Goals for the Semester

I am really excited to start the Photo 3 spring semester. I decided to take this course because after taking photo 1, and 2, I realized I liked the photography way more than I thought I did. The experience taking the classes were so different than I thought they were going to be and I was very engaged and interested in every aspect.. I feel that I learned a lot from where I started and I have grown as a photographer, so I want to keep growing and getting better.

In this semester, I hope to gain more insight on how to use DSLR cameras, and have better knowledge on how to use film cameras. Some skills and techniques that are crucial to learn are when to use film cameras, how to properly use them for a good final product, in what lighting, and what settings they should be on. Learning how to make my photos more alluring, and unique is something really important to me that I feel I should work on. My hope is for when people see my photos, it will stick with them, I want my photos to  hav…